EVO UltraFit

Evo Ultra Performance Neurological Training experts gather objective information based on a series of tests, data gathering, and observations about how the individual’s neurological and physiological systems are interacting and functioning.
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POV Training

Evo UltraPerformance utilizes specialized training tools that allow your nervous system to understand and respond to work EFFICIENTLY, RAPIDLY, and ACCURATELY. Elite human performance is dictated by high load, high volume, & high velocity. Start training with POV >


Teams can contract with Evo Ultra Performance experts to run elite neurological training to establish neurological efficiency, consistent elite performance, and injury resistance. Teams will undergo evaluation similar to individualized customized training.
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Rehab Strength

The Evo UltraPerformance rehabilitative strength program is the direction taken when there is substantial neurological inefficiency in muscle firing that will lead to pain and potential injury. All pain & injury is a direct result of the body’s inability to absorb force. With everything we do, our body absorbs and generates force. Learn more >

EVO Client Profile

Tim Hightower, NFL Running Back: Evo Ultrafit athlete Tim Hightower knew he wanted to get the best out of his body to have the most productive NFL career possible.

In part, Tim says engaging mentally, physically and emotionally sets up effective training every time he is in the gym. EVO Ultrafit gave Tim the edge he needed to achieve his goals. Read more...